Sometimes it's the simplest of things that prevent your pages from ranking well. Are your pages getting found and indexed by search engines? If not why not? You could be unintentially signalling that they are "noindex" in a variety of ways. Or, your site architecture may be making it difficult for search engine bots to efficiently crawl and find all of your pages.

If your site is throwing a lot of server errors, or pages are loading slow, Google this can punish your domain and have a negative effect on ranking.

Have you changed your URLs and not set up 301 redirect directives so that search engines understand the change?

Do you have a high "bounce rate" do to a confusing page design and a UX that your site visitors stumble over?

More complex technical issues that supress your ability to rank well is reliance of javascript to serve links and content, pages generated by a content management system that should not be indexable, 301 redirect chains, and too many links to 404 page not founds and 301 redirects.

Is your site under a manual penalty for certain blackhat SEO techniques such as paid links, or links that are not natural, from spammy websites?

E-commerce sites often have issues caused by massive duplicate content, or "cloaked content" that users can't get to but search engines can find. Whatever we uncover in our audit, we'll deliver our recommendations in ranked order of priority. Some fixes are definately more impactul than others. We'll explain why, and we won't try to snow you with developer-speak. If we can help you better understand the technical fundamentals, you'll be beter equipped to avoid problems in the future.