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Google in 2019

It's a mobile first world.

What worked in the past to rank better in Google won't get you very far in 2019, or worse, could get you into the penalty box. With machine learning (Google Rank Brain) determining how to rank websites in Google Search results, you have to think about meeting a searcher's intent, rather than stuffing your page with keywords.

Local SEO is all about ensuring Google understands that you are near the searcher and that your business legitimate and popular. Schema markup is important as are links and brand mentions on other sites.

Google Search

SEO Technical Audits

Does your website have any technical issues, content gaps, or other weaknesses preventing your pages from ranking well based on Google's latest algorithm changes?

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Competitive Analysis

Have you measured your share of traffic against competitors and what they are doing to get organic traffic instead of you? SEO is zero-sum gain, so you have to take a larger piece of the pie.

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Content Strategy

Once we have identified gaps in content, we can turn around and write customer-centric content that deserves to rank. Quite simply, if it isn't the best content for searchers, it doesn't deserve to rank first.

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